To secure a safe and sanctioned location for the region's skaters
(off the streets of downtown Damariscotta!).

To create a location for, fundraise for, design, and build a permanent concrete skatepark,
similar to those in other area towns (such as Lewiston, Augusta, Bar Harbor, etc).

Local Support

We have the support of the Damariscotta Police Department, and are working closely with Chief Warlick during phase one. 

We have recently entered into an agreement with local nonprofit, Healthy Kids, to utilize them as our fiscal agent. 

This means all donations will be tax deductible and carefully funneled strictly to the skatepark project!

Strategic planning

We are following the steps laid out by
The Skatepark Project (pro-skater Tony Hawk’s nonprofit, dedicated to creating safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth)
so that our park is solid, long-standing,
low-maintenance, and fun for all!

“Most cities in the process of building a public skatepark are working on their first, and for them there is no precedent, no blueprint. Once the cement is poured and formed, there is no changing it. All the right questions must be addressed before that step. The Skatepark Project was established to help cities develop that checklist and ensure that the hard work of skaters, parents, and city officials will result in a quality skatepark that will serve that community for years to come.”



donate or volunteer

contact us at skatepark@drsk8r.org for volunteer opportunities

Donate to the GoFundMe:  tinyurl.com/drsk8r

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